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Hello, it is immense pleasure to see our work of last 18 months come to limelight today. We are one of the best integrated screen recording and sharing solution in the market. We have the industry’s least post production time with our new innovative ‘undo’ feature.

XpressIT helps you correct accidental errors at recording stage, ‘bookmark’ your video content, generate ‘captions’, make your videos ‘searchable’ and take your customers to the exact moment in the video that matters to them.

We have a fully integrated, sophisticated platform with a ton of features like

  1. Screen and Video recordingAnnotate
  2. Markers – Mark points as you record
  3. Undo – If you made a mistake you can undo it on the fly. This is one of our unique features.
  4. Upload to secure cloud
  5. ‘Table of Contents’ to jump to the exact moment that’s important
  6. Generate Captions
  7. Search inside videos
  8. Effective and rich sharing
  9. Analytics

Link to download our product –
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